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Installing ScreenConnect On An Amazon AMI Micro Instance

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ScreenConnect, a remote access tool, allows you to host a server that enables remote support of client computers. Many of the best features of this software relate to giving you control over deployment and hosting. This would seem like the perfect fit for Amazon’s cloud server infrastructure. Generally, the server is geared to Windows, but maybe you don’t want to run this on the more expensive Windows or Linux Servers? If what you wanted to do is run it on a lower-cost AMI (Amazon Machine Image) free-tier micro instance, here’s how to do that.

Logmein Abandons Its Free product, Users

Logmein LogoIn a move that will likely surprise no one, popular remote access tool maker Logmein, announced today that it will stop offering a free remote access tool. All users running Logmein Free options on mobile and desktop tools will receive a notification that they’ll have to upgrade to the “Pro” version or lose access within 7 days. Naturally, Logmein  puts a spin on this, mentioning that they’ve offered the free product for 10 years, but many users are angry.

Why don’t we have an open source peer to peer remote control tool?

Logmein LogoYes, that’s a bit of a mouthful, I know. Bare with me. After Logmein delivered a huge blow to occasional remote access users everywhere, I’ve been thinking about the state of Remote Control tools. I’m not saying this to list all the different options there are, and gosh there are many; but to look at what has made Logmein and similar tool, Teamviewer, become so powerful.

The one common ingredient with Logmein and Teamviewer are the ability to punch through firewalls and effectively remove the need for time-wasting port configuration. Logmein does go further by providing online status and other “Pro” features, but the big and valuable feature of these two utilities is in firewall traversal. If you’re a VNC, or Remote Desktop or Radmin user, you’re likely familiar with the two-step process of opening a port, creating a gateway server and connecting. This keeps your need to open the network to a minimum while allowing access to all systems internally. Why don’t we have an open source equivalent to this kind of tool?

Logmein Free Limited to 10 Computers? How to Access all of them

Logmein LogoIf you’re a Logmein user and you have a free account, you are more than likely aware of Logmein’s plan to limit  free accounts to a maximum of ten computers. I think it’s a stupid move on Logmein’s part, but they are free to do what they wish. Users, however, should also avail themselves of all possible options too. This week I received the email that informed me that Logmein would no longer allow access to more than 10 computers, so I decided to look at ways to get around this restriction.

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