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All About ‘The FreedMan Chair’ Kickstarter

FreedmanChair-Banner1The last time I backed a project on Kickstarter, it took the form of an iPhone case called JustMount and TidyTilt+. The project was funded, a success, and the product made it’s way to me. Today, I still use the case with my device, and have been quite pleased with the results. Thinking of trying again, I came across another cool and interesting project called The Freedman Chair. This one was both more personal, because I sit so much, and more of an investment (319 British Pounds). I took the plunge and backed the project on October 27th, 2013. The Freedman Chair was successfully funded less than 48 hours later. This presented me with the opportunity to chart the progress of this project as well as share my experiences both with shipping, and the chair itself. 

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