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We Need to Bring Cheques Into the 21st Century

A Cheque from 1905

Today, I had to deposit a cheque (or check in America). As a business owner, this is a common occurrence. In the age of electronic transfers, NFC Payments, and Interac Online – we still use these pieces of paper to transfer money to each other. It’s high time the banks upgraded this process.

The cheque itself has been around forever – they themselves were created as an improvement on money. As long as I’ve ever banked, I’ve written and received cheques and had to decide between “savings” or “chequing” accounts. If you think about it, those two aren’t mutually exclusive.

The “Why You Need Windows 8” Template

Take heed all, I have found the template for the many, many blog posts and articles that you’ll read leading up to, and after, the October 26th launch of Windows 8. This template, found here, simply states that all of the “Windows XP/Vista/7” components have been done better in Windows 8 –  and – for that reason,  you should install Windows 8, adding:

“If you’re truly happy with Windows 7, stick with it. But if you’re willing to try something new for some seriously awesome desktop-side improvements, I suggest giving Windows 8 a shot.”

That may be simply what Windows 8 was meant to be, a better, faster, cooler, awesome-r version of Windows 7. If you pretend the formerly-named-Metro apps don’t exist, do you really have a worthy Windows upgrade?

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