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Questioning Gun Ownership


Like any efficient (and possibly dangerous) technology, the ideas behind their use and control can be incredibly polarizing. Recently, I came face-to-face with that polarizing effect when I asked a seemingly simple question of Micheal Moore (the documentary filmmaker):

And, to be clear, I was lazy for replying to a tweet about Piers Morgan, because my question had nothing to do with him. Ultimately, Moore stopped answering questions with the #bowlingforcolumbine hashtag and did not answer mine. Well, after that tweet, I was hit with replies left and right from those who seem to support my implied position and others who were clearly pro-gun. Read on for for a look at how this panned out.

3D Printing: Scary, Or A New Frontier?

The lower portion of this gun was created on a 3D printer

You really can’t go anywhere without hearing the bad news about gun violence. Recently, 12 (*) people were killed in a shooting rampage in Colorado at a movie showing. Locally, in Toronto, we’ve had our share of recent gun violence including a shooting in the Eaton Centre and at Scarborough house party. These horrible crimes are being committed with guns in what feels like increasing frequency. Parallel to this though, is a news story that a man has successfully created and fired a .22 pistol with a 3D Printer. The printer used was apparently created in the 1990’s, which is real test of enduring technology. Given that 3D printing is becoming cheaper and cheaper, and access to blueprints is apparently more readily available – it appears as though we’re on the cusp of a major technological shift.

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