More Fun With Windows 7 GodMode

God1You might have heard of the Windows 7 GodMode – which is simply a link that allows you to view all of the Control Panel icons in one shot. To get this to work, you’ll want to create a folder in any directory on your system and give the shortcut this name:


There are more things you can do! I have spend a little time looking over the registry and found these other direct link GodMode-ish shortcuts.

1 – Desktop Themes – this will link you directly to the Visual Personalization page from Control Panel. Here you can change themes, and theme settings among other things.


2 – Network Map – This link takes you to the Windows 7 Network Map utility.


3 – Online Games – Use this link to take you directly to the Online Games Explorer section of Windows 7.


4 – Sensors – The Control Panel applet for the various sensors on your computer can be linked to directly using this shortcut.


5 – SlideShow – Use this link to get you directly into the Control Panel’s Slideshow Settings.


6 – And last, a rather unknown link, you click on it and links to nothing. I found the choice of icon interesting, to say the least.


There even still more links here and in the registry – these are what I’ve come across so far. Have you found any?