Linking CWL: Friday April 13th, 2012

OK folks, don’t go getting superstitious on me! Today we have the unluckiest day to look at all sorts of interesting different story and links around the web.

1. Madonna’s Album MDNA Tanks – While not tech-related, it’s very interesting to look at the reasons why this album started at #1 on Billboard and then dropped an insane 87%. I agree with Alan – “today’s 18 year-olds aren’t interested in someone their grandma’s age pretending that she’s still young and hip”.
2. Intuit launches Quickbooks Online – “No, not the tax program“, I say to a friend. This is the actual Quickbooks application that many businesses use to invoice and bill – but an online version. A 30-Day demo is available. Watch this space for our first impressions of this new application.
3. Logmein launches a DropBox competitor – The service, currently in beta, looks to do what DropBox does – that is, sync/access files across iPhone, Mac, PC, Android devices and also sharing files with others. Sign up for the beta at their homepage.
4. Google Drive is Close? – Yes, speaking of storage, there has been lots of talk about Google’s entry into the cloud storage space. The word is 5 GB will be available and a launch is imminently imminent. In the meantime, you can always use Insync.