Recent Thoughts On Skitch For Mac OS X

Skitch-LogoWhat follows is an email I just sent to the makers of a small photo editing tool called Skitch. The tool I speak of is currently available in the Mac Apps Store for free. The tool is incredibly useful as is, but I’ve grown frustrated with some of the annoyances I’ve come across. Read my entire message after the jump.

To: Skitch Support
From: Kevin

Great tool.. I really commend you for offering a tool with so many features for free. There are, however, thins here that drive me bonkers!

1. Saving – I would simply like the ability to press CMD-S and save and overwrite the file. “Save As” creates a .skitch file (that I don’t want) and it appears as though I have to go to “Export” to do that.. though another problem occurs..

2. Export – When exporting as a JPG (and saying yes to an overwrite), Skitch creates a new file with an extension of .jpg.jpg apparently appending this extension to the file. It seems like Skitch is afraid to overwrite files!

3. Colours, Settings – I don’t see how color options can be saved.. is there a way to change that ugly red and keep it not red? Every time I open a file it goes back to red.

4. Dragging over an existing file location creates an alias.. really.. ? really avoiding the overwrite there.

5. The crop tool is clunky and mostly useless. Give us crosshairs to select a crop area instead of typing numbers. For that reason I have to use Preview for the speed.

It would be great to use Skitch to open a screenshot, crop it, resize it, add an arrow or text and then quickly save it for sharing or emailing. As it is, all these steps are WAY to cumbersome.. please make it more useful!

Do you use Skitch? What are your thoughts?