Linking Calwell: May 25th, 2012

Lots of interesting happenings on the web lately. Here are a few of the stories on my radar right now:

  • This is Dell’s Windows 8 tablet – Dell does indeed look to be making a Windows 8 tablet. interesting how little RAM is in that thing too. All in all, not a horrible looking device. but, can it stand up to the iPad?
  • Canada’s Garage Sale Advisory – Heard of this? Neither have I. The Canadian Government recently released an advisory to remind us hat safety is more important than profits.
  • Rogers customer gets $1,500 refund – The ever-helpful Ellen Roseman again helps a customer out of a tight bind with Rogers this time. It’s worthwhile to understand some of the options available when facing these  kinds of high bills.

  • SpaceX is launched and successfully reaches orbit – The privately funded SpaceX Dragon was launched and should dock with the International Space Station shortly. This is a big start to spaceflight operations not entirely controlled by NASA.