Free Tool: Schedule A Reboot In Windows With Reboot Now

Renow1Today we have another free tool for you. In the same category as the Reboot, Log Off, and Shutdown – Reboot Now can be used to force a computer to reboot on a set schedule. Once that time you setup is reached, Reboot Now will force the computer to reboot as cleanly as possible.This small utility sits in your Windows System Tray out of the way doing it’s thing inconspicuously. Read on for more details and download links.

More Details

Reboot Now has a number of basic uses, but likely the most common is that of using a client-based (such as Windows XP) computer as a server. With computers like this, you may want to daily reboot the computer in an automated way. Reboot Now takes care of this process. By placing Reboot Now in a startup role, you’d be able to completely automate this process.

Reboot Now was developed on Delphi 6 and uses a small, free component called TmdTray (included with the source code).  If you would like more details about the application and development, refer to the more detailed application description.

This tool is free to use and distribute in its original form. If you do use or mention Reboot Now, please do credit the source. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.