Windows XP End Of Life Nag Screen

Microsoft To Add Dumb Nag Screen To Windows XP

This is rather childish. With Windows XP nearing its end of support (for updates, that is), Microsoft intends to push an update to Windows XP that simply nags the user with the above. I’ll paraphrase the above message: “We just want to tell you a fact, and provide nothing else useful”. What’s so shocking and dumb about this, is that there is no real upgrade path for this operating system. The question is then, why bother Microsoft?

One would presume that the “why” is to sell more operating systems. But, if you consider that a typical Windows XP computer neither has the memory or the power to run Windows 8.1, this move seems pathetic. Couple that with the fact that an in-place upgrade is impossible anyway (you’ll need migration tools and your applications will likely not move with you). Maybe the message should read “please buy a newer computer”.

Microsoft really needs to give up on the dream of getting XP users on an upgrade path. Nagging people about ending support is just antithetical to the presumed theme of protecting users. If Microsoft was really interested in protecting users, they might accept that Windows XP is in widespread use. If Microsoft really needed to stop updating Windows XP, then why not bring the more powerful firewall found in later Windows versions there and make XP free? Then, Microsoft, make your often painful documentation clear on what dangers actually exist with this operating system so the community can understand the risk.

Understand the risk, hack the system to new uses, and continue using something that still has value. Not, consume and discard.