Talking to the Makers of WP Twitter Autopost – Vivacity Infotech

Making full use of Twitter (from WordPress) required that I find a useful way of tweeting from this blog. I had some key requirements that were more than a little difficult to meet. In the process of solving that problem, I found the plugin WP Twitter Autopost, which was cool, but I wanted to know more about the developers behind it at Vivacity InfoTech (VivacityIT). They were nice enough to do an email interview with me, and here’s what I learned.

Briefly: I interview the folks over at VivacityIT, and learn more about the WP Twitter Autopost plugin, the company,  and even India.

To start the interview, I had some questions about the useful plugin, WP Twitter Autopost:

Kevin: Do you have any plans to offer a simple, quick tweet box independent of scheduled posts or updates (I think that would be a useful option)?
VivacityIT: Yes, we can add a simple Tweetbox for Tweet testing on the setting page, We will try to add this too in the next version.

Kevin: It seems only site administrators can use the plugin, do you have plans to make it work for site “authors” or “editors”?
VivacityIT: Currently only website administrator can use this functionality but this can be allowed to more user roles, need to work on this functionality.

The site administrator requirement is something of an annoyance that I’m confident they’ll overcome in future versions. That alone may be a deal-breaker for some sites that might be interested in a plugin like this. I can see this tool extend to becoming more of a hub that you might use to tweet from the blog interface (keeping all tweets in the context of your application). This tool has some real promise.

Next, I was curious about the company, and learning more about the people there:

Kevin: The company name “Vivacity InfoTech” can you tell me a little more about how this name came to be?
VivacityIT: “Vivacity” means liveliness or full of energy or endless energy, so we provide our services with full of energy always. And “infotech” is a short form of Information Technology. This way we formed the name “Vivacity InfoTech”.

Kevin: You’re based in India, how is the technology industry outlook there?
VivacityIT: Yes, we are based in INDIA, in INDIA, IT industry is on boom currently, if we talk about our domestic market, Indians are not getting aware about use and benefit of IT so now they have started using it, so in INDIA itself it’s in the middle stage and a lot more to be done. If we talk about INDIA as IT solution provider then I would say the US, UK, Europe and all other countries love to work with INDIAN companies because they are sure that Indians are hard workers and provide a quality output at cheap rates. So in INDIA, IT industry has a good future and lots more to do.

Kevin: You offer “paid” WordPress plugins (including the WP Social Extreme). Do you think there’s a market for paid plugins?
VivacityIT: Yes, that plugin we launched in the starting just to test the market, but now we have launched other paid plugins as well. If we talk about the market for paid plugins, I would say that there is a good market for paid WordPress plugins but not for general plugins, but for eCommerce and other specialized plugins like for Woocommerce, WPCommerce etc., because we all know WordPress is known for FREE stuff, but e-commerce is a good market place, so for WordPress eCommerce plugins and advanced plugins, there is a good market.

Kevin: Finally, anything you would like people to know about Vivacity InfoTech?
VivacityIT: We just need to tell them about our services, quality output and round the clock support, we are available 22 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Our core specialization is in Mobile Apps (Android and iPhone based development), Ecommerce portal, WordPress and Magento based development and ASP.Net based development. In Mobile Apps development, we are specialized in native apps, Titanium framework, Objective-C, JQuery mobile, PhoneGap, SQLite database etc.

Vivacity InfoTech is a development firm that caters to offshore and outsourced development of Internet properties. They created the free WordPress plugin named WP Twitter Autopost, and offer a line of other WordPress plugins, both paid and free. If you have used their services in the past, we’ve love to hear more about your experiences – good and bad.