Bludit – A static site generator to love

I’m tired of WordPress. I’m not the only one too. If you use it, you’re also sick of that bloated CMS.

Swooping in to save the day (sort of), has been the mix of Markdown and what’s called Static Site Generators (ok, maybe this is technically a flat-file CMS, I get it.). They’re all the rage right now. These blogging tools take basic text as a page and simply built the basic files needed for a site. Simple, fast, and supposedly does away with all the boat, right?

But, wait, what about some of the things that WordPress is good for? You mean the web interface for writing, the ability to have plugins and themes, not to mention working with PHP? Yea, that stuff is (most of the time) useful, I know. This is when I came across Bludit. I’m not yet sure how to pronounce that, but it’s pretty awesome.

Installation is fantastically simple. In fact, if you’re running a container solution like Docker, just run this command:

docker run  -d \
 --name bludit \
 -p 8080:80 \

This will give you the setup and, eventually the dashboard at http://ipadress:8080

There’s a web editor, plugins and theme settings and just the right kinds of things that let you focus on writing (instead of screwing with code). I’ve not yet been impressed with a Static Site Generator until now. This isn’t an ad, but hey, Bludit, you can send me details on how to properly pronounce your name; then we’re even.

I want to move everything to this right now. At 700 blog posts, that’s a weekend project.