Hard Drive Destruction 101

What transpired is a lesson in destruction of a poor IDE drive, or sheer stupidity. So, join me as a take a drive from a (somewhat working state) to an all but certainly unusable state. Please also note, this is not something you should do unless you’re sure it’s okay to possibly destroy data and you wear protective glasses and/or gear. I didn’t wear any protective gear in this video, and it was dumb. Don’t be a dummy like me.


It’s Leap Day!

That’s right. Today is February 29th. The last day of the month of February every four years. or is it every four years? Today is a day that confounds many (and confuses the rest of us). If you were lucky enough to actually be born on a leap day, what day is your birthday next year? Are you 1/4 the age of the rest of us?


Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Today is the day we’ll get a new beta version of Windows 8 – dubbed the “Consumer Preview”. Although it’s not known what will be included in the beta, how to download or if we’ll see an actual webcast of the event – we do know that everyone should be able to download a new beta of Windows 8 sometime today.


First Look: Dell Voice

In Canada specifically, the wealth of VoIP (commonly called Voice-Over-IP) options on your smartphone are really starting to pile up. Enter Dell Voice, the VoIP service that aims to full the gap that the lack of Google Voice has left in this country. Join me as I take a look at this new service.

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Windows 8: A Closer Look At Metro

When the Interface for Windows 8 was announced, I was a little surprised at first. Was this new phone-looking interface going to work very well with existing Business PCs? Was this new interface going to be removable? What kind of subsystem would Metro be running under? Well, as previews of Windows 8 continued to roll out – it became […]