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The disappearing HotspotVPN

HotspotVPN LogoI’ve used Virtual Private Networking (VPN) services before, and HotspotVPN was one of the best I’d seen. They had an easy setup, good platform support and a seemingly reliable service. VPNs are useful for all sorts of things, and in this case, was great for making your IP address appear to be local in another country. I was happy to pay the $95.75 yearly charge for occasional use of the service. However, when I decided to cancel, the problems started. As it stands now, HotspotVPN ┬áhas charged me $95.75 for something I didn’t want and seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.

Recurring Billing Sucks, or How Not to Treat Your Customers

Subscription Billing for DummiesAutomatic billing sucks.

Recurring or automatic billing is simply the process of automatically billing a customer on a regular interval. Sometimes it’s monthly, weekly and even yearly. Generally, companies on the Internet love this type of billing because they get to store a credit card and bank on a regular income stream. That looks good on the balance sheet. Where it doesn’t look good is for the customer, as many of the companies the I have encountered use repeat billing tactics to abuse the customer’s goodwill. I’m going to offer some serious sins companies make when billing automatically and suggest some ways to improve the process.

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