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Blogger: Generate A URL Before You Publish

Blogger LogoOne of the difficulties with great new features is when other features don’t get updated or created to accommodate the new usefulness. In Blogger you have the ability to “Schedule” a blog post. This is not the newest feature, but new enough that other features are downright missing. One of the features they should have included, was a way to determine the URL (Universal Resource Locator or the full link to your article) of a scheduled post before it’s posted.

Blogger Updates The Platform

Blogger LogoNot normally a news item, updates are something that happen to every type of software. Last night, however, Blogger (a popular blogging platform) updated a number of features and added a few others. I took a little time to go over what looks to have changed and here’s a list of what I’ve seen so far.

Why Are Blogger And Analytics Stats So Different?

Blogger LogoSo, you’ve been blogging for a while on Google’s Blogger site and have become sophisticated enough to include the Google Analytics code required to gain a more enterprise-level look at your blog statistics. But, as your blog is being viewed, you notice that the stats that Blogger offers are distinctly different from what you see in Analytics. What gives?

The Perils Of Google Platforms: A Blogger Problem

The Blogger problem, you ask? Well, a number of people recently posted on the Google message boards about an odd issue on Blogger (Google’s free Blogging platform) that spoke of a problem with uploading images to Picasa (Google’s free web photo sharing application and Blogger photo repository).

The Problem:
In the past – blogger would upload images and place them in a folder on Picasa that was named after your blog – in the case of this blog: “Blogging Calwell”. On or around Dec 22, 2011, Blogger started creating new folders in Picasa for each and every picture you uploaded. Wow, if you hadn’t noticed this earlier, your Picasa interface is about to become incredibly unwieldy.

That’s allot of folders!

I’ll show you a short-terms fix to this issue to begin with and then look into some of the more interesting ramifications to this problem.

How to Put An HR Tag in Blogger’s Post Feed Footer

Blogger LogoBlogger can be a real pain sometimes, there are a bunch of tags that cannot be used in the Post Feed Footer section of Blogger’s Site Feed settings. Those of you that aren’t aware, the site feed is your Blogger site’s RSS feed and contains either a short snippet of each of your blog or the entire text. The Site Feed Footer can be used to add consistent text (or links) to the bottom of each feed entry – much in the same manner as you might create a document feeder.

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