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First Look: Emojli – Chatting Only in Emoji Characters

Emojli - The emoji-only chat serviceCommunication is a challenge on the best of days, but what if we communicated only in small graphical characters? How would that change the way we talk to each other? A new service called Emojli opened up to invitees that only allows its users to talk with small graphical characters called emoji. These small characters are generally reserved for expressing a happy face, a kiss, or a pile of poop. Emojli is a chat service that forces us to talk in only these characters. Yes, really.

Electronic communications: The calamity of choice

The amazing xkcd on communication

Yesterday I wanted to contact a colleague. I had already taken a picture of the job site and started off by sending him a text (SMS) message [1]. Very quickly I realized that he may not be able to receive a picture, and since he used a Blackberry without alternative chatting options, I was going to have to send this picture attached to an email with little context. As far as technology has taken us, the difficulty of simple everyday communication is surprisingly prevalent. Most users have so many choices, that having any sort of standardized communications service is impossible.

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