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One Year of Newsletters: Lessons Learned

Newsletter Graphic

Last year I had an idea: Create a really, really high quality newsletter. Reading technology related news is a daily and rigorous ritual for me, so why not take that effort and synthesize it into a curated list of “What to Read“? Many others are doing this, of course, but I felt the value for readers was to get it from your trusted technical advisor (I manage technology for a number of small and medium sized businesses). For many years this voracious appetite for news and information was only for myself, but I knew it was time to change that. Time to share this with the world.

Contest: Win 1 of 5 Weight Scale + Measuring Tape

Weight Scale and Measuring Tape

I try to give away truly useful stuff; but from a technology perspective. This time around, I turn my attention to travellers. If you fly a lot, you know how difficult it can be to comply with baggage rules and size limitations. Different airlines have different rules and even local airports can handle bag sizes and dimensions in ways you might not expect. For this contest, I’m going to give away a small travel pack that includes a portable luggage scale and a measuring tape.

Contest: Win A Free Hard Disk Drive!

Hard-DiskWe love contests. Really, who doesn’t like free stuff? At CWL we’re partial to giving away free tech gear. In 2010, we gave away a Netbook and in 2011, we gave away a Sony eReader. This year, with Hard Drives recently being seriously short supply and rapidly increasing in price – we thought we’d give away a new drive! Read on for more info about this great contest!

As always, the lucky winner will be notified by email and then shipped the drive (free of charge). Some restrictions apply, but you get the idea. Winning free stuff a whole lot better than paying for it!

Update: This contest has now closed. We thank everyone for the entries!

Contest: Win A Sony PRS-650 eBook Reader!

We love contests. Really, who doesn’t like free stuff anyway? At Calwell we’re partial to giving away free tech gear. Last year, we gave away a Netbook to a happy Calwell reader. This year, we thought we’d try something a little different and offer an eBook reader to you wonderful regular readers of this blog. Read on for more info about this great contest!

UPDATE: To make this contest MORE interesting, we’re going to throw in a 4 GB memory card with your eReader. Enter Now!

CONTEST (2010) Update: A Winner Has Been Chosen!

It has been a few weeks and this contest has finally come to an end. I reached out to everyone to guess the amount in my change jar. During this process, I realized this wasn’t an easy task either. In the beginning I had expected a perfect guess. Seriously, I really thought someone would give me the exact amount. While this was certainly possible – it turned out that none of the guesses I received were exactly right.

Update: CONTEST (2010)! Make a guess, win a Netbook!

You may have read my earlier blog about winning a Netbook. I thank everyone who entered this contest and took a shot at winning this great little pc! After looking over all of the entries – there was no correct answer! I was surprised, since I expected that someone would get this.

So, here’s what I’m going to do – I will extend this contest for one week – the final entry deadline will become February 22nd, 2010 at midnight. After this, I will choose a winner from all the entries that is the closest to the correct value of coins.

To those that have already entered – as a thank you for being involved – you will get another guess at the contest! Go back, take a closer look at the money container and the coins and take another shot! All the rest of the rules are the same.

Note: This contest has now ended.

2010 CONTEST – Make a guess, win a Netbook!

I had an idea, why not see how this would go? I’m always looking  for more people to read my blog, so I thought that if I offered you the chance to win something for spreading the word – you might appreciate it. No strings attached. I pay for the Netbook and I’ll pay for the shipping. If you don’t want to help spread the word, that’s fine too – you’ll still get a shot.

Here’s the contest:
I have a jar of loose change (pictured) that is being counted by a digital tracker my girlfriend was nice enough to buy me. I want you to guess the exact amount of money in this jar…..

There are no more results.