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The incredible story of a spurned IT consultant

Unhappy IT Worker

The unusual story of Jim Kubicek, an IT consultant and business owner in Cumming, Georgia captured my attention recently. Due to a disagreement with the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce having unpaid bills, Jim’s company KIT cut off its services. What followed was the local Sheriff charging Jim with “theft by extortion”, “computer theft”, and “computer trespass”. All of these felonies could conceivably see Jim spending 45 years in jail. Incredibly, this is a small town with a population of 5,613, so I’d expect people like Jim are known to a large number of people in his local area. This is becoming a far-too-common cautionary tale we can learn from.

ParkinToronto: Using Data To Avoid Parking Tickets In Toronto

ParkinToronto report for Front StreetLots of interesting things are happening with big data today. One interesting application has gotten some coverage in the Toronto Star today. ParkInToronto.com is a new site that uses Toronto’s freely available parking ticket database to give users a way to search for past ticket details on a specific location. As they say: “This information can be used to determine the probability of getting a parking ticket at a given time and place.”. The idea certainly isn’t new, but it is one that is becoming more prevalent as users continually look for ways to make sense of data.

5 Things You Can Learn From a Compulsive Technology Switcher

Electrical Knife SwitchI’m what you might call a technology “switcher”. I switch phones, tablets and computers often. Sure, part of that process revolves around writing column about what I use. But, some of it is because I’m rather compulsive. I feel that, to truly understand a piece of technology, it has to become part of your everyday life; not just something you test on the side. So, on a regular basis, I can be found moving all of my data and applications from one device to another. Given this exaggerated need to switch, I thought I would share some of the strategies I use to make sure I can pick up and move forward quickly.

Can An Apple iPhone Become A Daily-Use Device With Only Data?

No-Cell-ServiceIt’s something the phone companies don’t want to hear. Since none of them currently offer the ability to get a data-only plan – and many people still pay for service they barely use –  don’t expect that to change any time soon. I think it’s a compelling argument: if you can do everything you require without only data on a phone, why aren’t more people demanding it? So, I’m going to take an iPhone and give it only data access (by way of WiFi tethered off another phone) and see how many of the daily-use features will work reliably.

Market Shift: Why BIG Changes Have Bell And Rogers Very, Very Afraid

With all changes in life comes a reluctance to accept the change and a tendency to fight them. In Canada, we are undergoing a significant amount of change in the mobile and Cable TV markets. The losers are clearly the main providers of these services, namely Bell and Rogers. I predict in five years or less, we will no longer need to pay for Voice, Long Distance (in North America), and the classic Cable TV. It will be replaced by something very different and all of it, travelling across data. No longer will you be paying for voice plans, long distance on the same continent or Cable TV services.

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