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First Look: Dell Voice

Dell-Voice-LogoIn Canada, we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of Google Voice. While, to some, this wait has become unbearable – some have found ways to use Google Voice outside of the United States, others must wait. In Canada specifically, the wealth of VoIP (commonly called Voice-Over-IP) options on your smartphone are really starting to pile up. Enter Dell Voice, the VoIP service that aims to fill the gap that the lack of Google Voice has left in this country. Join me as I take a look at this new service.

An Open Letter To Dell Customer Service

The contents of the following was sent to a Dell representative after being told to “Call tech support” with zero assistance otherwise. I had been in need of some real help while being under some intense pressure from multiple sources, and Dell dropped the ball. This is the email I sent to my Customer Support Representative Ian – who was actually on leave from work at the time. He had been great at handling requests, but his replacement was much, much less than helpful to my cause.

So, without further delay, here’s what I said to Dell: