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Basics: Cell Phone & Data Access in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic FlagWhile in the Dominican Republic I made it my personal mission to gain data access on my smartphone. Over the years, this process has become easier as the companies have accommodated smartphone users. With an unlocked smartphone, you can get reliable and useful pre-paid cell phone and data access in the Dominican. I’ve learned a few things along the way that you’ll want to know if you plan to do this.

Internet Access In Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Being that of a geek, or at least one who needs a fairly constant Internet connection to operate CWL  – I am very interested in the state of Internet access in the towns and cities visit. One such location that I often find myself in is Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Every time I return, the options improve- sometimes in major ways. Here’s  how my recent trip in December 2011 went connection-wise.

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