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Piracy of the Future: Hiding in Plain Sight

The focus on piracy has always been intense for tools that have offered intellectual property (IP) for free. Over the years, services and software such as Napster (music), Megaupload (cyberlockers), and uTorrent (Bittorrent) have become focal points for the intense battle to remove pirated content from the greater Internet. But, perhaps unexpectedly, new and novel legitimate services are being created that can also be used to display pirated content. The future of piracy may be a trojan horse in every legitimately used service.

The Devil You Know: Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles in Action

As a publisher of multiple sites (and a reader, no less), I’m keenly aware of the struggle faced by the need to reach users, but the cost of doing it. If what we do doesn’t somehow lead back to our site, is this something we could ever embrace? With the recent announcement of Facebook Instant Articles, I’ve been thinking about this more. Is this a great development for publishers, or the start of a new, dangerous path for Facebook?

Facebook Announces Paper, Tries To Reinvent News

Facebook's iOS news reader Paper

With a name like Paper, it seems Facebook may be reaching for much more than a way to find stories from posts. Facebook may be shooting for the lofty goal of being a news service, and a starting point for when people read news. Given that most people want to share news on Facebook when they first hear it; Facebook seems to be in a the best position to know what news is hot, and what’s not. And, add a level of curation to the mix, and Facebook could drive eyeballs to news sites, stories and other related media. For a price.

Why you don’t need to delete Facebook friends

A user ready to purge Facebook friendsMixed in with “I hate the world”, cat pictures, sponsored posts is the interesting phenomenon of Facebook friend pruning. When the mass deletion is upcoming, the user tends to say “For those I truly interact with, I’m keeping you, for the rest, you’ll be deleted”. What happens next is a series of unfortunate comments pleading for a stay, while the user, one by one, removes accounts of friends they don’t know. I’m here to say you can stop pruning and put the metal objects down. There is no need for you to delete Facebook friends. Ever.

Facebook Home Has Issues, But Privacy Isn’t One Of Them

Facebook Home with a Chat HeadFacebook Home is not a privacy problem. Consider this: If I were to give a set of house keys to my next door neighbor, and find that he’s decided to go inside and take a peek around. Is this a privacy problem? Right, you’d probably say “Why the hell did you give a copy of your house keys to him?”. While, it is clear that you wouldn’t ask for the neighbor to peek in; with all that power to do so, why wouldn’t he? Now, we have Facebook Home, with the ability to replace the launcher on Android, it will have all the keys to your device. If you give that to Facebook, privacy isn’t your problem. But, Facebook Home appears to have other very concerning things you should think about. I take a look at this very interesting development from Facebook.

Fork you, Facebook Phone

Facebook LogoThere has be a heck of  a lot of conjecture about Facebook’s coming event on April 4th coined “Come See Our New Home On Android”. You knew it would never happen on April 1st, that’s for sure. Lots of folks are saying that this is actually a “Facebook Phone”. Others are saying that this will be simply a new fork of the Android operating system – something that everyone seems to be doing already. MG Siegler gets into what he thinks constitutes an actual fork of Android, and it makes lots of sense. 

10 Most Important Technology Stories Of 2012

The year is drawing to a close and it’s a good time to reflect on the more important technology, hardware, software and news stories of 2012. It’s been something of a mixed bag, from financial news, to hardware releases, to a failing smartphone giant. We saw lots of new stuff, litigation and involvement from The Law. More than that though, one thing is sure to be quickly forgotten about 2012: The Mayans prognostication skills. Here, in no particular order, are the 1 most important technology news stories of 2012.

Facebook Pages Are Changing. Are you ready?

Facebook-LogoYou may not have been aware, but today – Marc 30, 2012 – the Timeline feature become effective on all Facebook Pages. Although I’m sure Facebook doesn’t like to use the word “forced”, I’m sure you can figure out how things turn out if you don’t want the timeline. You might have noticed CWL’s Facebook page was on timeline before the switch (you had the option to opt-in early), but I imagine many are just going to have the take the pain. Are you ready for these changes?