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Logmein Free Limited to 10 Computers? How to Access all of them

Logmein LogoIf you’re a Logmein user and you have a free account, you are more than likely aware of Logmein’s plan to limit  free accounts to a maximum of ten computers. I think it’s a stupid move on Logmein’s part, but they are free to do what they wish. Users, however, should also avail themselves of all possible options too. This week I received the email that informed me that Logmein would no longer allow access to more than 10 computers, so I decided to look at ways to get around this restriction.

How Easy Is It To Hijack A Whatsapp User’s Account?

Whatsapp ConfirmationThe mobile messaging tool Whatsapp has been attracting some intense scrutiny recently. I do agree that the flat way Whatsapp uses contacts is worthy of question. Contact information should only be accessible and used for short periods of time, and users should be in control of what is shown. Right now, if I have Whatsapp installed, I can’t stop my account and status from being displayed on another users device so long as they have my phone number (and, provided I haven’t blocked their phone number). Being able to control what is publicly displayed would go along way to helping Whatsapp with privacy issues. But, the application appears to also be easily hijacked; that’s a problem and I’ll show you why.

Bypass Metro In Windows 8 – One Way That Works

Windows 8 Metro TilesI think it deserves to be mentioned that a huge race is on now to find the cleanest and easiest way to bypass the tiled Metro interface (or whatever Microsoft will call it) and boot to what we know as the Windows 8 Desktop. With the Release to Manufacturing Version (RTM) out now, we have a sense of what will (and won’t) work in this epic battle. I have tried a few methods and found one that actually works. Let me show you.

Bypass Those Tinypaste Surveys

TinyPaste-SurveyYou may have, on occasion, require the use of plain text for links, ASCII art or just a simple list. Because plain text is often hard to work with in the active web, there are sites like Tinypaste. The trouble is, Tinypaste will sometimes keep you from the text you want to see and force a number of surveys on you (like those shown above). This stuff is bogus, so you’ll want to just completely skip it. I’ll show you how.

Make Your Google Apps Domain And Chrome Profile The Default Mail Client

This post is a simple follow-up to the great and useful post I found on winextra.com. There, you are given details on how you can set Gmail to your default mail client on Windows. I wanted to take this one step forward to those corporate or Google Apps users that have custom domains. Even more useful, what do you do when you have a custom  location for your Google Chrome profile? I’ll show you how to use both.

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