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The age of lies and fake news

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Fibs, half-truths, lies and the liars that tell them. There’s now a clear sense in this 2020 U.S. election season that our reality is being shaped by those who craft false stories – what’s left is equally false outrage and more lies. I can’t really point to the moment all of this started, but technology plays a very large role in getting us here. We’re living in societies that move lies as fast as light travels across a fibre cable.

Helping Other I.T. Consulting Companies


The most amazing side effect of being in the technology business is working with all sorts of technical people. Most often, they work for manufacturers or vendors; but they sometimes branch out and start their own businesses. After more than 16 years as a consultant, I’ve learned a few things and sometimes get to pass on my “straight talk” to others who do what I’ve been doing so long. I want to do more of this when I can.

Can We Be a Cashless Society?

Every day that passes, I seem to use money less. Things I used to pay for with coins and paper money have now been replaced by payment methods such as Tap (micro payments), Interac/Debit, and Chip payments. With Apple Pay and various smartphone payment options hitting the market, we have a society that is very close to being cashless.

With the COVID-19 virus, western countries in the summer of 2020 have started to pull away from the use of cash wile promoting the “touchless” alternatives of online credit card payment or the Tap-type of NFC payments. It seems as if we’re poised to finally go cashless.

But, what if we stop using and paying with cash altogether? It’s important to realized that cash has intrinsic benefits that electronic currency can’t touch. If we lose this, some might say that we’ll lose a lot.

My Advice To New Technology Workers

Hi folks. I’ve been away far too long with no updates. For that, I do apologize. I promise to work harder on giving you more thoughts and ideas from the edge of whatever this is. Today, I thought it might be interesting to show you something I sent to someone who is interested in getting involved with technology. I had sit down with him to discuss what I do, and possibly get him thinking about what he might do. I don’t often find myself being asked for advice, so that was cool. What follows is our brief email exchange (and my advice to him) for better or worse.

10 Things People STILL Pay For (That They Can Get for Free) [2009-2014]

It can be quite discouraging. You go buy something only to find out later that you could have gotten that for free. When looking at technology, there are a number of truly inventive and clever ways you can get things without having to pay for them. This article has a Canadian slant, but most of these 10 things are universal.

This was published in 2009, and I thought it would be cool to go back and check out how free each of these items are now.

A Long List Of First-Time Entrepreneur and Business Owner Misconceptions


I am, as it turns out, surrounded by many who wish to woo the fickle mistress of business and good fortune. They want to work at something in a moral way, be empowered to make their own choices, and create a company (or more) that might actually be bigger than them. Generally, the immediate goal is to have the idea they start affirmed by either money or a customer base. That doesn’t come easy when many of the ideas you have are wrong. I recently came across a great list of first-time of misconceptions, and added a number of my own items too it.

No, Bloggers Aren’t Really Bored

Only Boring People Get Bored by Richard ErikssonThe cranky master is at it again. Recently, Dave Winer asked Why are people bored with blogging?. I respect his ideas, but more often than not, I tend to tune out his brand of negativity. His recent small post had me thinking about whether bloggers are really be bored. With the rise of tools catering to ever shorter attention spans, it would appear more like bloggers are lured by new and shiny tools. These tools are prettier and faster to use, so, naturally bloggers are taking advantage of them (over traditional long-form writing). But, are bloggers bored?

Is It Right To Write?

KevinCostain.Com Blog

Recently, I found myself in a heated conversation about business and entrepreneurship. This is something I’m keenly interested in, for the sake of all that Calwell does as a service provider, and for the opportunity to learn something from others. One of my thoughts related to creating a fully formed identity from within, while creating one (or several) companies. The person with whom I was talking rather snarkily replied that he chases business, while I blog. It didn’t hit me right away, but I realized that doing what I do here isn’t exactly looked at as the “right” path for an aspiring business owner. Or, is it?

5 More Ways to Use Bittorrent Sync

Bittorrent SyncBittorrent Sync is amazing in a number of ways. But, because of its simplicity, it allows for uses far beyond even what the authors might have envisioned. The basic idea is to keep files synchronized between two or more devices – much like Dropbox, but without storing these files on a server. Since I’ve had the chance to look at Bittorrent Sync back in April, a number of thoughts have come to mind that I thought I’d share.

We Need to Bring Cheques Into the 21st Century

A Cheque from 1905

Today, I had to deposit a cheque (or check in America). As a business owner, this is a common occurrence. In the age of electronic transfers, NFC Payments, and Interac Online – we still use these pieces of paper to transfer money to each other. It’s high time the banks upgraded this process.

The cheque itself has been around forever – they themselves were created as an improvement on money. As long as I’ve ever banked, I’ve written and received cheques and had to decide between “savings” or “chequing” accounts. If you think about it, those two aren’t mutually exclusive.