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We Won’t Even Watch For Free

I’m not yet sure writes on the blog “Stupid is Winning”, but whomever it is – there are a lots of interesting and compelling ideas there. Today, I came across “In 2013 Google, Apple and Valve will kill piracy” and, while I didn’t agree with all of it – there was an amazing passage I hadn’t seen touched on elsewhere…


Active Directory IS Valuble

Many have considered Microsoft’s power from a consumer perspective, but in the blog “Microsoft’s Most Valuable Asset“, Jeffery Padgett is spot on about what is Microsoft’s major asset. he goes on to say: Why?  Because after the fail of Novell, the only relevant, full featured alternative for the corporate marketplace is AD.  When Novell was king, […]


Windows Déjà vu, Or Just Stupid?

As we ramp up to another Windows release – lots of pundits are talking about the good and bad of Windows 8. Ed Bott (of Zdnet) recently published a novel idea that we’re looking at another Windows XP all over again – and how badly that turned out. I encourage you to check it out, if you can read it all. It’s, of course, all very stupid.

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Windows 8’s Success Depends On One Simple Thing

One new choice on the horizon will be Windows 8, and the certain upheaval it represents. Much has been made of this new version of Windows (available October 26), and how many will not “get it” and fewer still will shell out cash to purchase the product that almost no one likes. I think this is a sound theory since Windows 8 is almost universally being panned. Even the expected positive review from Walt Mossberg is, well, not so much.


Consulting: The Enemy Of My Enemy Lacks Clarity

So many in technology and consulting are amazing at what they do. They can figure out things no one else can. But, they, like the rest of us are at war with one of the most difficult obstacles. Is is their own internal dialog? Is it the other companies that want the business? Is it the client that second guesses them? No, they’re at war with the one thing that levels the playing field. You might call it clarity, understanding or transparency, but with this simple piece missing, the most brilliant person is reduced to ineffective.