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A Non-Customer Tries To Unlock An iPhone 4S On Fido

Fido-RogersYou might be aware, but in Canada, the only two carriers that are authorized to unlock iPhones in Canada are Rogers and Fido. As the story goes, unlocking is $50 and requires a full restore of the phone. The requirements are what were tricky to me, since I was not a Fido customer, did not have a Fido account and was not actively using any services with Fido. Would they unlock the phone? Would I be turned away like so many people are when dealing with these behemoth companies? Let’s see.

iPhone? I Don’t Take The iPhone Seriously. Android Is Better

I had a conversation recently with a like-mind technical fellow.

Him: “Can I ask you a serious question?”
Me: “Yes”
Him: “Right now, what phone would you buy?”
Me: “Android”

What you don’t see is the lack of a pause or time to reflect. What you don’t see is that I typed my response on an iPhone 4. Yes, while I have spent some time with the iPhone,  Android is the clear winner on most every level. In fact, despite a couple good things, I find it difficult to take the iPhone seriously. Let me explain why.

The Holy Grail of Phone Convergence?


I have not physically seen one, and I don’t know anyone that has one – but its becoming apparent to me that the iPhone is the looming holy grail of phone convergence.

Today I have an iPod, a blackberry and a digital camera. If it works, the iPhone will include a camera a media player, a cell phone, email, and even a decent web browser. It all supports wireless networking as well as the EDGE cell network. In my mind, that seems like the next logical step in phone convergence and I think I want one :)

Word is also that Rogers (the only provider in Canada that can support the phones) is going to start offering them in the first quarter of 2008. Sweet!