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My 10 Favorite Android Apps Right Now

I’m a big user of the Android Operating System. I’ve been using it for some time since having the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1 in late 2010 and now, recently, the Nexus S. I’m really not a fan of the iPhone – in fact, I can’t take that phone seriously. What is most interesting about both platforms, however, is the application discovery process. Often you find out about apps in the market, you read stuff, and you find blogs that tell you about cool apps. So, I thought I’d make a list too. Here are my favorite Android applications to-date. All of the QR codes provided here can be scanned with your Android device simply with the Google Goggles app.

Introducing The Calwell Android Application!

This is huge! It’s certainly not news that the mobile platform has a big future. But, what every company should be doing is finding ways to embrace new technologies and find new ways to reach people. To that end, we have decided to build a mobile application for the Android platform that allows anyone to get updates on anything and everything Calwell related. If you’re half as excited as we are – you’ll be looking forward to the great things we have in store with this mobile application. We have to thank the amazing folks at feed.nu for giving us the chance to do this so nicely and easily. So, let me take you on a tour of the Calwell Android application.

Of course, if you just want to get it – search for “Calwell” in the Android Market or http://url.cwl.cc/android.

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