Basics: The Ideal Cord-Cutter Setup

Cutting the Cable TV Cord

The marketplace for entertainment is a changing fast. A large number of people are moving away from cable television, and looking for lower cost alternatives. They want the flexibility of seeing TV shows and movies on their terms, but also want a better selection than the cable television providers offer. This article is for you, cord-cutter. Here is what I consider the ideal path to killing that ongoing cable TV package.

DeltaCopy: Update DLLs To Solve Common Issues

DeltaCopyFix-2If you’re a Network Attached Storage (NAS) owner, and make use of backup tools included in most NAS devices, you’re probably using the rsync server component to do differential backups. One Windows, one of the more useful tools to synchronize files this way is using a free tool called DeltaCopy. I’ve previously gone over the process of setting up DeltaCopy to connect to an rsync server and backup. DeltaCopy has a number of issues that revolve around it’s use of Cgywin (problems with Windows hard links, file name references, long file names). Updating the core components used by DeltaCopy can fix some of these problems.

Recover Deleted Files From A QNAP NAS

Qnap-NASThere is little worse than having lost data. Nothing can prepare you for what needs to be done – so it’s always good to have options. When presented with catastrophic data loss on a customer’s QNAP NAS device (that had no second copy), I had to work fast and try to recover as much data as possible. My attempt at a restore started from this post in QNAP’s forum and expanded into the steps you see here.

Review: Drobo FS Network Attached Storage (NAS)

DroboThe storage space comprised of  NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices is an interesting one. It appears to be growing in multiple ways –  companies are downsizing away from the server they didn’t need, gamers are looking for that home data store, and businesses are increasingly using them for backup applications. I’ve seen great many of these devices, and today I was able to look at the Drobo FS, a five drive NAS device with one and two drive failover capabilities aimed at users and small businesses.

Decoding The Noise: Windows Storage Server 2008 R2

Windows-Storage-Server-LogoSome people think Microsoft releases so many products that when the information about them is needed, it’s impossible to find it. I tend to agree with that assessment, and finding information about the server product named Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 is a perfect example of this problem Microsoft has with releasing so many product versions and communicating little about them. So, let’s take a look at this and see what’s out there.

How To Setup A Fast, Free, File Backup To A NAS That Only Transfers Changes [rsync]

Tapes. I’ve heard many say they aren’t dead. I say, if they aren’t dead, they’re probably zombies. A technology of an era when tapes represented a cheap medium of storage. Today, the best, fastest and cheapest way of backing up involve using inexpensive hard drives. Say, a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device connected to a local area network to backup enterprise data. That’s all great, but one of the core challenges is to create incremental backups to minimize network data transfer. Even better, how about backing up only data that changes (delta) to a NAS device? Let me show you how to do that for free (well, with the exception of having to buy the NAS).

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