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New: Elphi Is A Great Way To Control Power Outlets

ElphiMore and more I’m seeing all sorts of incredible ideas come to life in the form of Kickstarter projects. Kickstarter (for those that have never heard of it) is a site that lets creators of projects and ideas put the ideas out to the public for funding. If the project doesn’t meet its funding goal, the people that put in money are not charged and the process starts again. Not only is this a great idea, but it’s breeding ground for some truly amazing ideas and devices (I came across the Glif on Kickstarter – here’s my take). This time, I’ve found an amazing power control and monitoring device called Elphi. Let’s take a look.

Mobile Solar Chargers: A Gimmick Or Useful Tools?

Mobile-SolarWhile visiting (as I often do) my local computer shop, I came across a nifty tool that I thought was very interesting. Given that all they had was the Arctic C1 Portable Universal USB Charger – Solar Panel – I wanted to take a look and give it a try. The packaging indicated support for the iPhone and iPod devices and look to have a number of different connectors to use. Heck, it was $14.99 too, so you really can’t lose there, right? I’ll take you on a tour of how this device works, what I liked and what I didn’t like about it – and whether I think this is a useful tool for mobile users.

Saving Money On An Apple Power Adaptor: Is It Possible?

Power-AdapterWhen I think of ways to save cash on Apple hardware, not many options come to mind. It won’t happen with Apple – as a recent store visit greeted me with “Sorry, we only sell new hardware”. I also went to a third party, and they basically resold Apple hardware at the same price. All I was looking for in this case was a 45W MagSafe power adaptor (commonly used with Macbook Air computers). Join me as I order one off the Internet in an effort to save a little money.

Schedule A Task When PC Switches From Charging To AC Power [Windows]

Schedule-1As I was going over some issues others have had – I came across a fascinating question in the Microsoft Answer newsgroups. The user essentially wanted to trigger the execution of a task when the computer goes from being on battery to AC and vice versa. Since the Windows Task Scheduler does not include the ability to set a power source change trigger, you can’t use what Microsoft has written for this. I set out to find a way to make this possible.

WiFi Alternatives In The Home Other Than PowerLine Networking?

HomePNA_logoRecently, reading a blog over at GigaOM, they talked about the possibility of 2011 being the “year of powerline networking?” with no mention of other alternatives. As more mobility and performance is being required in the home, increasingly people are looking to alternative technologies to fill the gap when WiFi either doesn’t cut it or just doesn’t work at all. What we need to do, however, is stop looking to what we’re using (power lines) and look to what we’re using less of in the home. There are current technologies that provide for ways of extending home networks through use of existing phone lines and television cable. Read on for more.

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