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Malware: A Fast Way To Clean Up The Group Policy Mess After A Virus

So, you’ve cleaned an infected Windows PC and yet some stuff still lingers. You can’t right click on the desktop, you can’t get into task manager and you just know that a host of other policy related stuff is going on. Often, with Virus Scanners, they’re adept at removing files and folders, but they’ll leave behind things like registry settings (often taking the form of Group Policy changes). These settings can be just as harmful as the initial infection itself.

I’ll show you the fastest way to get past all of that and get your Windows PC to a point where you might be able to use it or do a deeper virus scan . Please do note, this article references editing the Windows Registry. This is dangerous and can cause some serious trouble if you aren’t careful. Do not undertake registry changes lightly. Always backup your registry before starting.

More Fun With Windows 7 GodMode

God1You might have heard of the Windows 7 GodMode – which is simply a link that allows you to view all of the Control Panel icons in one shot. To get this to work, you’ll want to create a folder in any directory on your system and give the shortcut this name:


There are more things you can do! I have spend a little time looking over the registry and found these other direct link GodMode-ish shortcuts.

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