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The Ugly Samsung Galaxy Gear and What I want in a Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy GearYesterday Samsung launched the Galaxy Gear, a new $299 “smartwatch” that pairs with a smartphone to deliver updates and notifications right to the wrist. Samsung hasn’t exactly created the market for smartphones, but appears to be attempting domination on watches that connect to, and act like phones (to some degree). The Galaxy Gear is big, square, has huge screws on each corner, and is just ugly. But, you can be sure they’ll iterate and improve the design of this product. With talk of a “smartwatch” from Apple too, I thought I’d look at what I’d like to see in a device that will likely define wearable technology in the future.

The Curious Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook PixelRecently Google has released a new laptop in the “Ultrabook” category using the ChromeBook name. This new product, named Chromebook Pixel, is a new,  $1,299 [1] computer with very high pixel density and touch screen features (to name a few). One of the core differences between the Chromebook, and other laptops, is the use of a cloud-based operating system named Chrome OS. Because most (if not all) you do on this computer is likely in the cloud, they usually include small, fast hard drives, like a 32 GB solid state drive in the case of the Pixel. I’ve previously looked at a Samsung Chromebook ($250 at the time), but the Pixel appears to be an odd bird. At a hefty price for what amounts to a general (but enhanced) web browser, can this device work?

Want A Samsung Galaxy Tab On WIND Mobile? Here’s How

I’ve wanted this one from the first time I saw it. The new tablet from Samsung called Galaxy Tab. While the device is certainly not stacking up favorably against the iPad in various reviews, I still see allot of great utility in this – and possibly the device that makes me ditch my phone – and converge book reading, phone (*) and email among other things. The Galaxy Tab is the first real major Android tablet. If, however, you are a WIND Mobile user – there are a number of things you need to watch out for right now if you want one of these.

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