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How to watch for Kijiji scams with a critical eye

Could scammers be working out of this location?

While posting a product online, I came across a well-developed scam. When I saw it, I wanted to humor the bad guys and see what information I might glean from the process. This is not something you should do, but the details I’ve gathered can help you look at these scams with a more critical eye to avoid them. Scam watching is more important today given how sophisticated they can be.

Car Renters Be Wary – Budget / Avis May Steal Your Money

Budget Logo Per Wikimedia Commons

Incredible, I’m still fuming over this, but it’s just as well, we should all be more wary of rental car companies. Now, more than ever, you have to be diligent when looking over rental polices because it’s clear these companies are at war with the consumer. Almost every time, a simple car rental turns into a costly lesson. Let me tell you a story where Budget / Avis stole more money from me than the actual rental. And, I did nothing wrong.

Here’s What an Email Phishing Scam Looks Like [and How to Avoid Them]

Email Phishing Scam Interface
You may have seen this before. People you know are calling agitated saying you’ve been hacked. Checking your mail client, You’re SHOCKED to see that your email account has been sending out messages with malicious links. You even recall seeing the very same message sometime in the past. You now know your email account has been compromised. But, how could this happen? How are they gaining access to my account? How to I keep this from happening to me? I’ll answer these questions and more. To keep from these scams, you’ll need keen eye, and a good idea of how these things work.

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