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Shomi, The Streaming Service From Rogers and Shaw Should Raise Concerns

Shomi Exclusives
They’re stepping up to compete with Netflix. This is a familiar refrain from those who have spoken about the new Shaw/Rogers backed streaming service called Shomi. Here in Canada we all knew something would come along to rival streaming services like the dominant Netflix. Canadian content providers have been working on delivering online TV and movie viewing (in various incarnations), but no subscription-based Netflix rival has existed, until now. Shomi looks like a nice offering on the surface, but there may be many concerns lurking.

AirTame – The Amazing HDMI Streaming Tool

AirTame, an HDMI streaming device and software

At Calwell, one big part of our portfolio is cable work. Designed space often includes cabled and wireless systems, plus at least one boardroom. The boardroom area has to be one of the most challenging spaces to manage. Users at a table need to collaborate and place information on a TV screen, but are often forced to connect to that TV by way of clunky cables under a false floor, concrete or just strewn on the floor. A number of new technologies are showing the kind of promise WiFi has in connecting video and audio data to a TV. Once such great idea is HDMI streamer AirTame.

Why The Netflix Series ‘House Of Cards’ Is Interesting

House Of Cards Poster

Developments of the day sometimes take a little while to percolate to the top. Never more evident is in the case of online streaming company Netflix’s new series named House of Cards. If you haven’t heard of it – this is a U.S. version of a British miniseries (of the same name). In this version, Kevin Spacey plays Francis Underwood, a politician with a rising trajectory using any dirty tricks he has to for the sake of power. This sure does sound like an entertaining show, but there’s more to take interest of here. It seems like Netflix may be on the verge of changing the TV game.

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