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What Had My Attention At CES 2013

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In January, those involved in technology always turn to the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) trade show for what’s new and exciting in the industry. Often, the products on display are years off – and others are about to be mass produced. Through all of the coverage, I’ll showcase a few of the products that I found interesting. It’s been a few years since my last visit to CES, and I do intend on going back in the future – but for now, I’ll have to sift through the mountain of coverage and bring you the best of what I see. Since the sheer size of the show makes it impossible for anyone to see everything, if you’ve heard or seen something good at the show this year, do share it in the comments.

Why I Loathe Trade Shows

TradeShowWith what I do, you’d really think I would love trade shows. As an IT Consultant and a writer, you might imagine the trade show is like the “perfect storm” for a guy like me. Well, it’s actually the opposite. I’m somehow endlessly bothered by trade shows and fairs. In fact, I find trade shows to be a mind numbing process of marketing, sales tactics and walking in circles. I’m not one to be overly negative about things, and I really don’t want this to be like that – but if you’ll indulge me, I can show you why these events an really suck.

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