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Using trupax to Automate the Creation of TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt Containers

Truepax command line on Windows

I’ve recently found a great tool for archiving files. I think you’ll want to check out truepax. This open source tool is cross-platform (made in java unfortunately), and it features
the ability to create TrueCrypt and Veracrypt containers on the fly. Even better, trupax doesn’t require the installation of those tools to work. truepax might might your file archiving process faster and more secure than ever before.

Dropping TrueCrypt? I Look At Some Alternatives

STURGEON Cryptographic rotors

Just like the above German rotor, cryptographic tools come and go.  You might think the end is now here for for TrueCrypt. And you may be right, though I still think you can safely use version 7.1a. If you do intend on looking for a reasonable alternative to TrueCrypt’s features, finding the right tool may be a challenge. I’ve decided to install and quickly test a few of the freely available encryption tools to see if they’re worth your effort. Read on for more details.

Bemoaning The Abrupt End Of TrueCrypt

Truecrypt Banner

If you’ve been following news about security and encryption tools, no doubt you’ve heard of the shutdown of popular open source encryption tool TrueCrypt. Given that using TrueCrypt was considered one of a handful of ways for individuals to protect data in the wake of recent NSA spying revelations, this unexpected news has rocked the Internet. I’ve been waiting for more details to surface from developer about the shutdown, but things are far too silent for my liking. I thought I’d take a look at what happened, what’s out there and whether we should all abandon TrueCrypt altogether.

3 Ways To Automate The Backup Of TrueCrypt Containers

Truecrypt LogoFor some, 2013 has been the “year of encryption”. Leading the rise of all things security. Among the best of these, the tool TrueCrypt, allows you to create entire encrypted drives and “containers”, that may include one or more drive volumes. While the validity of TrueCrypt is currently being tested, many are flocking to TrueCrypt in an effort to keep their important files secure. With that, comes the challenge of keeping these secure files and containers backed up regularly. This isn’t exactly easy when the TrueCrypt file may actually be in use. I’ve compiled a list of things you can do to keep these files backed up.

CWL Best: TrueCrypt

Truecrypt LogoAs a computer user, one of the most important things you can do is encrypt sensitive data you use. In the past I have spoken about encrypting passwords using the Keepass application, but what if you wanted a tool to encrypt all the files too? Well, yes, you could use something like Bitlocker, or you could use an incredibly useful and versatile open source tool called TrueCrypt

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