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Automate VMware Converter 5 For Backups Or Disaster Recovery

VMWare Converter

Perhaps a daft move, but VMware Converter (sometimes called P2V or vCenter Converter) no longer allows you to script the creation of a machine image by way of the command line. This used to be possible in earlier versions of Converter, but was unceremoniously removed from version 5.0 and up. This has many confused, who used the tool as something of a “poor man’s disaster recovery tool”. In this article I’m going to go over a means of  automating Converter so you can again use it for a backup.

Dead Computer? Keep Windows, and Transfer it to a Virtual Machine

Windows 7 logoIf you’ve had to replace your failed computer and wondered what you could keep – you’ll want to read this. The genesis of this idea comes from having the need to virtualize various different operating systems, but changing computers often. I virtualize to test software, test installations, and various other sorts of scenarios. Virtualization is also great for making a computer (let’s say, filled with tax software) portable as you upgrade through the years. Given that virtualizing Windows requires another license, I have an idea how you might get that license for free. 

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