Windows 8: Permission Dialog Changes

Looking at permissions dialogs for both Windows 7 and Windows 8, you’d be forgiven if you thought they looked exactly the same. Essentially they do, but the changes that Microsoft have brought to permissions appear to be more involved when you go past the surface. One of the most common things an IT Guy/Girl or administrator will have to do […]


Windows 8: Connecting To A Domain

As an IT guy, I’m quite interested in how the new version of Windows is going to handle connecting to a domain. Is the interface new? Updated? are we going to see more tools? Does Windows 8 still require a reboot after joining a domain? There are a few questions I wanted to answer with this Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 I have loaded. My test environment included a Windows Server 2008 Domain Control and a Windows 8 computer.

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Windows 8: A Closer Look At Metro

When the Interface for Windows 8 was announced, I was a little surprised at first. Was this new phone-looking interface going to work very well with existing Business PCs? Was this new interface going to be removable? What kind of subsystem would Metro be running under? Well, as previews of Windows 8 continued to roll out – it became […]

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