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Windows 8: Permission Dialog Changes

Looking at permissions dialogs for both Windows 7 and Windows 8, you’d be forgiven if you thought they looked exactly the same. Essentially they do, but the changes that Microsoft have brought to permissions appear to be more involved when you go past the surface. One of the most common things an IT Guy/Girl or administrator will have to do is change file or folder permissions. I’m going to take a look at how the graphical user interface for file permissions is evolving into something new and different in Windows 8. Please do note, this is based on beta software, so these things may change.

Windows 8: File History Is The New, New Volume Shadow Copy

Windows8 LogoWindows 8 is Microsoft’s next generation Operating System. I continue to look at newer versions of Windows to highlight some of the Interesting features and details from a deeper perspective. This time around, I’m looking at a new feature in Windows 8 called File History. Indeed, this new feature in Windows 8 also coincides with the conspicuous absence of Volume Shadow Copy options in Windows 8. Let’s take a look.

Windows 8: Connecting To A Domain

CWL-DomainAs an IT guy, I’m quite interested in how the new version of Windows is going to handle connecting to a domain. Is the interface new? Updated? are we going to see more tools? Does Windows 8 still require a reboot after joining a domain? There are a few questions I wanted to answer with this Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 I have loaded. My test environment included a Windows Server 2008 Domain Control and a Windows 8 computer.

Windows 8: Changes To Expect For The Power User

Windows8 LogoI’ve been through so many different parts of Windows 8 now that I think I’ve seen a good part of it. During my use of this new Operating System, I’d been very curious about the new Metro interface. Heck, I’ve even written about it twice. What Metro is not, however, a feature that power users or administrators will love to use. I decided to look a little deeper into Windows 8 to see what kinds of new stuff is there for power users and administrators.

Windows 8: Metro, A Leap Forward Or A Leap Back?

Win8-Preview-LogoWindows 8 is coming very, very soon. With it, we have one major shift in computing to handle. This new wrinkle is the Metro interface – designed to fill the user’s entire screen and be something of a general simplification of a Windows system. I’ve been toying with this idea that, as Windows is being pushed into a more mobile way of doing things, it’s also being pushed back as well. Is Metro taking us backward, or is this just a simple-looking way of moving forward?

Windows 8: A Closer Look At Metro

When the Interface for Windows 8 was announced, I was a little surprised at first. Was this new phone-looking interface going to work very well with existing Business PCs? Was this new interface going to be removable? What kind of subsystem would Metro be running under? Well, as previews of Windows 8 continued to roll out – it became clear that metro was going to be forced into the next version of Windows and that there may (possibly?) be a way to disable the interface. Join me as a I take a closer look at Metro and the ramifications for IT Departments all over.