CES is (not) mostly bullshit

Derp Rage DrawingI feel like there’s a meme for this kind of thing. Or, there should be. It goes like this: Tech writer gets all curmudgeonly about something lots of people like. Said tech writer spends lots of time explaining how it sucks and other, simpler, things are better. The current iteration of this story is from Will Smith (no, not that Will Smith), who writes for Tested. In his article “CES: It’s Mostly Bullshit“, he expounds on the suckiness of all things CES. He’s really only redeemed by saying “mostly”.

Searching For The Real CES [2014]

CES 2014 LogoI was at this show in 1997. DVD technology had been announced the year before and dual layer movies had started to gain traction. I was at CES to demo a multimedia computer I helped develop [1] that would ultimately morph into something like the Apple TV product of today. If you’re interested in technology news, the Internet is full of articles that summarize what was at CES this year, and what kinds of trends to watch. My perspective is that this coverage leans to a different slant – more than the products themselves. I think people want to know about more than just hype and flashy products. 17 years later in Las Vegas, I wanted to find the real CES.

2014 CES: What I’m looking forward to

CES 2014 LogoGenerally considered the largest technology show, the Consumer  Electronics Show (CES) is about to descend on all of us in technology. If you’re looking for what’s next, or what might be coming far off into the future, CES is the place to be. Much will be said in the technology industry after the show is over  (and during announcements – right, Michael Bay?). Over the week, I’ll be bringing you more from the show, but for now – I’m going to look at what kinds of stuff I’m most looking forward to this year.

1. Nanotech – Technology related to protecting devices really made a big splash last year, but I haven’t heard much since. For something that seemed to have so much promise, I’m curious what we’ll see this year at CES.

What Had My Attention At CES 2013

CES 2013 Logo

In January, those involved in technology always turn to the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) trade show for what’s new and exciting in the industry. Often, the products on display are years off – and others are about to be mass produced. Through all of the coverage, I’ll showcase a few of the products that I found interesting. It’s been a few years since my last visit to CES, and I do intend on going back in the future – but for now, I’ll have to sift through the mountain of coverage and bring you the best of what I see. Since the sheer size of the show makes it impossible for anyone to see everything, if you’ve heard or seen something good at the show this year, do share it in the comments.

CES 2012: The 6 Most Interesting Products This Year

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is generally one of the larger events for new application and hardware announcements – by some standards, the largest in the world. Many of the products that will be on the shelves later in the year end up being shown at this conference. Running from January 10th to the 13th, it’s short – but it makes up for that brevity in sheer volume of interesting products. Way back in the mid nineties I attended the show in Las Vegas to promote a device I was working on in an engineering capacity. These days, I mainly watch with an eye to seeing what’s next in technology. So, let me take you through some of the more interesting stuff to come out of this year’s show.

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