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Amazon’s Fire Phone: Hot Or Not

Amazon's Fire Phone

I’m coming into this a bit late, but I feel like it was important to digest all the information about this new phone. If you missed it, last week Amazon announced a new Android-based phone named “Fire Phone”. This ultra-super-secret phone was probably an inevitability, but until it was announced, nobody really knew for sure. If you thought this was shades of Facebook Home, you would be right. I thought I’d take a look at what’s good, and what’s bad about Amazon’s announcement.

Saving Money On An Apple Power Adaptor: Is It Possible?

Power-AdapterWhen I think of ways to save cash on Apple hardware, not many options come to mind. It won’t happen with Apple – as a recent store visit greeted me with “Sorry, we only sell new hardware”. I also went to a third party, and they basically resold¬†Apple¬†hardware at the same price. All I was looking for in this case was a 45W MagSafe power adaptor (commonly used with Macbook Air computers). Join me as I order one off the Internet in an effort to save a little money.

Killer App Idea: Multi Hosted Cloud Storage Interface

Think about that for a second, Multi Hosted Cloud Storage Interface. That’s quite a mouthful isn’t it? This idea hit me as I was registering for yet another cloud storage solution, what if someone created something novel and different from all of these services? The idea would be to create a (possibly encrypted) set of data and span it over a number of cloud storage solutions to create one unified and mountable storage location. (Think of it as adding a drive letter to My Computer in Windows). Let’s take a closer look at this after the jump.

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