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Tips for Migrating Outlook on MacOS to Google’s Mail

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When I was asked to move a customer’s 2000-odd contacts and 13 gigabytes of mail to Google’s cloud services from his MacOS-based computer, I knew this was going to be more than a challenge. To complicate matters, he had been using Outlook as a POP3 client of Google Mail and kept all his folders locally in Outlook 2011. From the beginning, I knew this was going to be an undertaking but I have some tips to help you face these particular challenges.

Switch Your Google Mail iPhone From Exchange Sync To CardDav, CalDAV And IMAP

GoogleSwitch-3Recently, Google has announced that Google Sync about to hit end of life. Google Sync is designed to let users of Google’s Mail system access and synchronize mail, calendar and contacts as if the server was an Exchange Server. Probably the most popular use of this is setting up an iPhone for Google’s Mail and choosing the “Microsoft Exchange” option from the beginning. What Google plans to do is only allow new “paid” users into this service starting Starting January 30, 2013 (Update: Google has amended it’s previous announcement to extend parts of this to July 31). Those that already use it will continue to function. What I wanted to do, in anticipation of this change, was switch an iPhone from Google Sync to Google’s preferred method of syncing. Here’s how it turned out.

The End Of An Era: Google Apps No Longer Free

It’s being widely reported today that the Google Apps Standard product is no longer offered as a free product. Released in 2006, Google Apps offered, for free, the ability to host mail, web, and other tightly integrated Google services up to 100 users. Over the years, the product has improved, while the number of free user allotment has decreased. This is generally bad news since the barriers to connecting and fully using a custom domain remain very daunting for small businesses. Google Apps offered a great starting point for the very small company in much the same way Gmail offers home users a great starting point for home email use. 

Make Your Google Apps Domain And Chrome Profile The Default Mail Client

This post is a simple follow-up to the great and useful post I found on winextra.com. There, you are given details on how you can set Gmail to your default mail client on Windows. I wanted to take this one step forward to those corporate or Google Apps users that have custom domains. Even more useful, what do you do when you have a custom  location for your Google Chrome profile? I’ll show you how to use both.

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