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6 Google Reader Feature Ideas

It’s not news that folks are bringing back the “Death of RSS” meme, in fact, this has been talked about many times in the past. However, much of the new talk is likely rooted at the demise of Bloglines. I have used the service in the past and stopped for the more useful and powerful Google Reader. One cannot deny that RSS feed reading is not a simple and easy technology, nor is Google Reader the best way to get at the news you need. Alternatives like Twitter and Facebook are really taking a bit out of this space. Besides trying to convince you that Google Reader is dead, I’ll explain thing that Google Reader needs to add.

New And Interesting Tools – #4 – The Google Edition

Another themed post! This time I look at – Google-related tools. I’m a Google Apps user and use all sorts of their great services. Today I wanted to look at some of the companion tools you’ll see for the various Google services available. I tend to gravitate towards free tools – but if, for some reason a tool is not free – I will point that out and fill you in on pricing details. Today I look at tools such as Good Noows, Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer, Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook.

Use Google Reader On Your iPad? Here’s How To Get Full Keyboard Support

You just got your shiny new iPad and plugged it in, you even hightailed it to the couch to relax while using it. Your WiFi connection is good, now it’s time to check out the news on trusty Google Reader.  To your surprise Google Reader doesn’t support keyboard shortcuts, nor does it support the “sent to” menu. Until Google does, here’s how to do it (without having to install a paid iPad app).

A Feature Idea For Google Reader – Keep The Stream Centered

Google Reader LogoI use Google Reader allot. I mean ALLOT. Note: Google Reader was shut down. I have come to understand some of the best ways to make use of the sometimes massive stream of data by using the keyboard only. This is great because I can see in reverse chronology what I haven’t seen before and by moving through the list with the “M” and “N” keys I can mark the articles as I go through. The trouble with this is that I always have to keep propping up the stream. Google Reader needs to offer the feature of keeping the stream centered.