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How to Put An HR Tag in Blogger’s Post Feed Footer

Blogger LogoBlogger can be a real pain sometimes, there are a bunch of tags that cannot be used in the Post Feed Footer section of Blogger’s Site Feed settings. Those of you that aren’t aware, the site feed is your Blogger site’s RSS feed and contains either a short snippet of each of your blog or the entire text. The Site Feed Footer can be used to add consistent text (or links) to the bottom of each feed entry – much in the same manner as you might create a document feeder.

Switching Email On A Blackberry To Google Apps (Gmail)

I have long used a blackberry address ( that connected to my phone directly and then forwarded email messages to the phone from the various accounts that I held. Since moving to Google Apps more than a year ago I have noticed a number of improvements to the Blackberry Internet Server (BIS) and Google Apps Servers. I have decided today I would make the switch and show you how it goes.