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Leaving the Mac for Windows. It’s Time.

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I’ve moved back to Windows from MacOS. As a decade-long Macbook user, this huge shift (for me) deserves some explaining. In my business, many look to me for understanding about what to use, and quite literally the computer I use every day influences other’s choices, reactions and ultimately purchase decisions.

First Look: Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

Microsoft Wedge Touch MouseAs a mobile user, I’ve been using some form of mobile computing device for as long as I can remember. Invariably, a mouse of some sort needs to accompany the computer to complete the picture. While computers have advanced, so too has the mouse. Today, I’m  trying out a new type of mouse called the Microsoft Wedge Touch mouse. The so-named “wedge” because of its striking resemblance to a door stop. Was the mouse useful? Is it worth your hard-earned cash? 

Businesses, STOP Buying Computers From Big Box Stores!

walmart_noRecently, we had the displeasure of, once again, assisting a client with a new Windows computer for his business. The scenario was an all too common one: A need is identified for a new or replacement device but the company can’t wait for Dell to ship the machine out. What happens next is why we at Calwell always recommend customers never purchase business desktop PCs from a big box store.

Now, there are always exceptions – so it’s important to acknowledge them. Apple computers will be the same no matter where purchased, and some big box companies do sell business-ready PCs. Our advice is simply a guide to save you disappointment. In this context, we consider Best Buy, Staples, Wal-Mart, Costco and Future Shop big box stores. Companies like Tigerdirect and MDG are more difficult to apply to this list, but may still apply.

Review: Dell Optiplex 390 (Small Form Factor)

Dell Optiplex 390 (Small Form Factor)In the long history of the business machine, one of the enduring form factors has to be the “small” form factor. This small sized computer is usually small enough to fit into a cabinet or just under a user’s monitor. That kind of versatility in space gives way to the computer’s use a small single-purpose server when taken from the user. This time around I look at the Dell Optiplex 390 Small Form Factor (while remembering the venerable Compaq Evo SFF).  The computer has to to run reasonably well and hold up to the demands of the average user.

Saving Money On An Apple Power Adaptor: Is It Possible?

Power-AdapterWhen I think of ways to save cash on Apple hardware, not many options come to mind. It won’t happen with Apple – as a recent store visit greeted me with “Sorry, we only sell new hardware”. I also went to a third party, and they basically resold Apple hardware at the same price. All I was looking for in this case was a 45W MagSafe power adaptor (commonly used with Macbook Air computers). Join me as I order one off the Internet in an effort to save a little money.

Basics: 6 Things To Look For When Buying A New Laptop Or Desktop Computer

ShoppingCartWhen you’re in this business of fixing and maintaining technology – one of the most common questions you’ll be asked is “What do I look for in a new computer?”. While I’m usually obliged to ask for more about the prospective computer in question – sometimes the brand names come up and sometimes it’s just a general question because the customer wants to buy a new one. Coming to me (the IT Guy) is a good step and a worthwhile use of time, but without me, what kind of stuff can you do to find the computer that’s best for you?

Basics: How To Repair A Water Damaged Phone Or Computer

Phone-in-ToiletThe worst thing that can happen is often the easiest thing to do. Namely, I speak of the damage that comes from getting your computer, phone or other electronics wet. Apparently, the most common way to destroy a phone is by dropping it into a toilet (though, you want to take “studies” with a grain of salt). If you’re a heavy mobile phone user, at some point you’ll drop your phone or device into some liquid substance at some point. I had the same thing happen to my laptop, and I wanted to share how I managed to return the laptop to a working state.

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