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7 Essential Travel Tips for Everyone

Wingshot Showing Mountains
Whether for business or pleasure, you won’t find it hard to get travel tips from others. But, often the really important “in-transit” knowledge is skipped because we’re resigned to it being painful. I’ve probably travelled more than a million miles to some amazing places in all kinds of vehicles, and no matter how or where I go, I’ve learned there are always some basic things that would improve a trip. I want to share these 7 tips with you. These are distilled from a wealth of mistakes and a desire to learn and be better. 

Helping Other I.T. Consulting Companies


The most amazing side effect of being in the technology business is working with all sorts of technical people. Most often, they work for manufacturers or vendors; but they sometimes branch out and start their own businesses. After more than 16 years as a consultant, I’ve learned a few things and sometimes get to pass on my “straight talk” to others who do what I’ve been doing so long. I want to do more of this when I can.

The Rise Of The Heavy-Handed Provider

heavy-handed-1Imagine you find yourself suddenly without access to the email you depend on every day. You’re not sure exactly why the access has been denied, but even worse – there are no phone numbers to call a person for help. When you finally do send the message, you’re given few details on what appears to have been a compromise. Your faceless and monolithic email provider eventually returns access and you carry on, shaken over the experience. Over the last few years, I’ve seen an interesting and troubling rise of this phenomenon. Companies – especially those providing infrastructure – are acting more distant and heavy-handed.

How NOT to approach a blogger

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about what seemed like a pyramid scheme. This post was based on a fellow named Kash Shahzada, who approached me about working with him. With that, I took some time to look into what his company was, and more about the individual that was publicly available on the Internet. Since that encounter, I’ve heard nothing until yesterday, when I received an email from someone who appeared to be Kash.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Multi-User Access

QB-6For many businesses, Quickbooks is what runs the vast majority of their accounting and payroll systems. Yet, for many, the nature of Quickbooks’ multi-user system is somewhat mystical. The challenge is always to provide reliable access to database resources, but what do you do if that doesn’t work? Intuit offers some direction on this topic, but not nearly as much as many would like. We’ve had some experience with these issues over the years and thought it would be a good time to go over the best ways to work with QuickBooks in multi-user mode.

Basics: How Do I Find My Computer Name?

ComputerNameWhen asking a Tech Support person, or someone you trust to remotely assist you, they may ask you “What is your computer name?” or “Please find me your computer name”. This process can be quite challenging for some people since every new operating system seems to change the process ever so slightly (while manufacturers, don’t).. Well, fear not – I’m going to list the simplest of ways to get that information so you can supply the details you need and move on.

Basics: What To Do If You Think You’ve Been Hacked


Recently, I was asked a question “How can I tell if someone has placed spyware in my computer to track my stuff or remote control to see what I’m doing?”. This is probably one of the more common questions I’m asked from people who fear the worst from an ex boyfriend, employer or perhaps that suspect room-mate. It’s natural to fear the worst when complicated systems might have been left in the hands of those who might be somewhat untrustworthy. In this article, I’ll try to go over some of the ways you can tell if these things might be happening, and how to prevent some of them from occurring altogether.

Basics: The Secrets To Being A Great Customer

Computer-RageWe’ve all been in tech challenged situations asking for help from the tech expert. You may be overwhelmed by a problem and just want ot to work. You want to just get this thing fixed and move on. You want to explain what’s happening, but you’re no technology expert, right? Well, I want to let you in on a very important little secret. How you describe your issue and the questions you ask are essential to correcting your issues. Here, let me show you how to master this very important skill.

Kill Network Traffic In Windows That Admin Tools Don’t Catch

One of the keys to fixing problems with PCs is looking in the more obvious places for problems. On such example occurred when a users’ computer was on the network but yet was unable to transfer data or use the Internet – but will still connected based on every obvious cue. I was somewhat perplexed until I found an answer. Using this method in certain cases can disable a network interface entirely (while still maintaining the ‘connected’ state). Conventional admin tools will fail you in most cases.

A warning though, if you do this – you may render the network interface of your computer unusable and, even worse not know how to get it back. Tread lightly here.

Basics: IP Addressing on a Computer Network

tcp2_0202Many times I talk to people inside my industry and outside – thinking about getting into the industry; they tend to be lacking in knowledge of TCP/IP and proper IP Addressing conduct. I often go into offices that have been previously set up and find the network is, or all of the hosts on the network are directly connected to the Internet. While these practices all work, this industry is begging for consistency and there are recommendations as to the proper use of IP addressing to simplify your network management. Have you ever wondered why a network’s hosts might be numbered 10.x.x.x or 192.168.0.x?