How To: Get A Screenshot With The Same Hotkey On Mac And Windows

I take lots and lots of screenshots on all the platforms I use. One of the best platforms for screenshots, however, is the Mac. You may know that on the OS X platform, a region-based screenshot is extremely easy to do with a Command-Shift-4 keyboard shortcut. Nothing like that exists on Windows (except for the print screen key). I’ll show you how to use a simple utility to recreate that same shortcut on Windows.

The Best Apps To Use For Remote Desktop Support

As the “IT Guy”, you’ll wear many hats. One of those hats involve handling crashed computers or software. Often, there are smaller configuration changes that need to be done and you really would be best served to not go to the customer for these issues. No doubt that if you’ve been in the industry for a while, you know that there are Remote Access options out there – but I’m going to go deeper and give you an idea of what is your best remote access setup.

Over the years I have seen my fair share of these products, no one application or option suits every scenario, but if you want the best, cheapest remote access options available today, here’s what you should be using.

What The Next Version Windows Needs To FIX To Remain Relevant: Migration

Windows8 LogoHave you ever had to migrate your data from an older computer? Of course you have. Have you done this on a Mac? If you have, you’ll see one of Microsoft’s serious flaws in the war to keep Operating System users. For Windows to march into the future – this has to be a major point of improvement. If you are a long-time Windows user – you’ll know what sucks the most – Migration. I admit, some of this may be fuelled by  the fact that Microsoft didn’t offer in-place migration/upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. You may think this is a sound practice but when Windows 7 was released on October, Windows XP had rough install base of 63%. What Microsoft effectively did was force millions of loyal product faithful to use their “Easy Migration” tool. Sure, easy, but a guarantee that most users understand how Microsoft really sucks. Don’t think this a major fail by Microsoft? The fact is, you may not even know what you’re missing if you haven’t seen what’s possible otherwise. The answer is in the process of migration on both platforms. Let’s take a look.