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First Look: Web Whiteboard

Web WhiteBoard Logo

Every day I’m amazed by the kinds of tools people create. Sometimes they’re small free projects, and other times, they’re just tools that solved a specific problem. Thankfully, like me, developers love giving them away for everyone to use.  Today I stumbled across a cool whiteboard tool that lets you collaborate with others for free[1].

6 Massive Flickr Usability Pains [in the Ass]

Flickr logo Rectangle

Using Flickr for photo management appears to be a great value proposition. Store all your photos, and in turn they offer a full terabyte (that’s 1000 gigabytes!) of drive space. For all the different options for storing and managing photos online, Flickr can’t be beat. Right? As good as that is, Flickr also has to be the most annoying and convoluted systems to use for managing and sharing photos. Today, I thought I’d look at Flickr‘s worst offences.

Evaluating Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2

Windows Server Logo 2015

With any major new release of Microsoft’s flagship server operating system, I stand up and take notice. The process of evaluating a new server operating system is essential to understanding how new features work, how the operating system installs, and generally getting a feel for what to expect. This time around, Windows Technical Preview 2 was released on Microsoft’s website and made available for download. Usually, this process is a challenge because we don’t always have the best and newest hardware available to test with; but I tend to find what I can in the lab to test as many features as possible. I took a bare-metal Dell PowerEdge server (with a RAID 5 drive setup), and installed off of a burned DVD.

First Look: Microsoft’s Office 2016 Preview

Office16 Preview WebsiteToday, I noticed the public preview for Office 2016 is available on Microsoft’s site. The downloaded file is very small and goes out to download the rest of the application by way of “streaming” [1]. On a 25mbs Internet connection, I had the application installed in about 10 to 15 minutes. Given that a new version of Microsoft Office is a major milestone (and something everyone will a computer will eventually need to use), I thought I’d take a look at what’s new.

First Look: Upgrading the USB Cable With BelayCords

BelayCords Reversable USBBacking Kickstarter projects can be iffy at best. I learned that when backing the The FreedMan Chair in late October of 2013. Now 527 days later, the project has yet to materialize, though they are close. The benefit of backing smaller projects appears to be how much faster they can turn a pledge into a real product. This was the case with BelayCords; A USB cable replacement for the stock Apple cable (with support for others too). With a pledge date of September 9th, 2014, the BelayCords I ordered took 210 days to arrive.

My First Few Days with the iPhone 6 – A Review

Apple's iPhone 6
It has to sink in. This is what I tell myself whenever I’m about to start using a new phone. Today, we use phones for just about every part of our lives, and most of us hold the phone as the last thing we’ll carry everywhere we go (beyond a wallet). On September 19th (or iPhone day), a new iPhone 6 was injected into my daily life. Here are several thoughts and observations about this new phone if you’re considering making the jump.

iOS 8: Pondering Apple’s Newest Mobile Operating System

iOS 8 Banner
Almost like clockwork, every year Apple offers a new version of it’s mobile operating system, namely iOS 8. I usually grab it right away and test out what I can. You might be considering the same, but aren’t sure if you’ll run into problems or issues. I can say, the upgrade will take forever, but so far I haven’t seen too many application compatibility issues. I might even go so far as call this a minor update, but let me explain.