RBC Insurance Calls Canadians Out for Distracted Driving

I’m always wary of “recent studies” (and the press surrounding them) because they really only exist to drive the public relations effort of one company by fueling the press for another. In these cases, everyone but the reader wins. When I first read of this RBC insurance study on distracted driving, I knew something wasn’t right. Then it hit me, their apparent conclusion was Canadians are basically ass*****.

Basics: The Ideal Cord-Cutter Setup

A large number of people are moving away from cable television, and looking for lower-cost alternatives. They want the flexibility of seeing TV shows and movies on their terms, but also want a better selection than the cable television providers offer. This article is for you, cord-cutter. Here is what I consider the ideal path to killing that ongoing cable TV package.

Review: Intel Compute Stick

You need to have a full desktop or laptop computer running Windows, OS X, or Linux attached to your television via an HDMI port. Other options just don’t provide the kind of flexibility that’s required in such a changing landscape. It seems like Intel was listening to me and created a small computer for this purpose. Can this device replace the “Computer attached to Television” scenario I recommend?

A Week With Soylent

When I heard about Soylent, the food replacement product, my first inclination was to think of the many over-the-counter products (such as Ensure), and not the namesake movie. Given this was created by entrepreneur Rob Rhinehart, I was quite intrigued. It was clear that he was working on something to replace the need for food altogether. That’s an audacious idea, so I had to try it. What follows is some of my experiences with the product.

Evaluating Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2

Windows Technical Preview 2 was released on Microsoft’s website and made available for download. Usually, this process is a challenge because we don’t always have the best and newest hardware available to test with; but I tend to find what I can in the lab to test as many features as possible. I took a bare-metal Dell PowerEdge server (with a RAID 5 drive setup), and installed off of a burned DVD.

In Focus: Test Driving OwnCloud’s Services

OwnCloud, a file syncing service like Dropbox. Files are stored locally on the user’s computer, as well as on the Owncloud server. Since the files are stored in OwnCloud, you can have many clients running on several computers keeping these files in sync. Naturally, an OwnCloud server needs to be set up, and I thought it was time to build one.