Elk At The Golf Course

Elk At The Golf Course

This time of year (November) in Colorado is close to mating season, so these elk are out grazing in all sorts of urban places. I found a large group on a golf course interrupting the players on this uncharacteristically mild afternoon. And, the peace between human and animal is striking and strong in this city.

Twilight In Havana

Twilight In Havana

Sunset in Havana, and indeed most caribbean countries, is a very special time. It’s when the sun’s intense heat lets up. And, with this cooling effect, people start to flood the streets, clubs, parks and other outside areas to socialize. I wanted to capture one of Havana’s iconic locations literally and figuratively in a different light.

Review of the Macbook Pro Late 2016 (Touch Bar)

Macbook Pro Late 2016 Models

This 2016 Macbook Pro refresh has been a long time coming. Since May of 2015, in fact. My last computer was a Retina Macbook Pro (2015) with reasonably similar specifications, which stood as the previous model, but due to this massive re-design, a far different computer. Over Christmas 2016, I took the plunge and decided to go with this high quality (but recently beleaguered) line of laptop in my on way (as an I.T. Professional).  

Taking Stock of 2016 and Looking to the Future

Year End, 2016

You might remember I used to do a fun set of predictions on this blog. I would then take the previous year’s predictions and tally up my successes and failures. For some reason I stopped doing that. It’s a shame, because it allows for a great amount of introspection and foresight. Well, I’m back at it and I’m going to use this space to look back a bit, and then tell you what I think is coming for 2017.

Going Up in Havana

Going Up

Havana is a city of contrasts. Outside, buildings are adorned with bright colors, beautiful shapes and they often look pleasing, if not older. Inside many of these buildings, however, is another story. This is a place of jury rigged wires, crumbling walls and general disrepair.

Row Of Falls

Row Of Falls

Iguazu Falls is known for waterfalls, yes, but what you may not know is how many falls are here. Depending on the water flow, there can be up to 300 different waterfalls falling over the Paraná Plateau, alt at various different heights. This entire area is truly a wonder of the world.

Basics: Cell Phone & Data Access in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic FlagWhile in the Dominican Republic I made it my personal mission to gain data access on my smartphone. Over the years, this process has become easier as the companies have accommodated smartphone users. With an unlocked smartphone, you can get reliable and useful pre-paid cell phone and data access in the Dominican. I’ve learned a few things along the way that you’ll want to know if you plan to do this.

Cubans Dancing

Cubans Dancing

Dancing is something most of us know that Cubans love to do. In fact, I think it’s a bit of a cliche that dancing comes second nature to Cubans. But, scenes like this one make me re-think that. On this afternoon, I was blessed to find a group of people in Havana’s Parque Central playing music and dancing. It really all seemed so effortless and happy.

An Idea To Help Book Authors

Book authors like anyone in a creative industry are feeling the crunch of piracy. By all accounts, this is a big problem, but most reports we see from online outlets are bonkers, dubious and stated as pure loses. This is more than stupid when reasonable people should have good, useful information. The reality is, we should buy books and support authors more. The world needs to read more. This holiday season, I tried something new, and I thought I share it with you.

Icelandic Landscape Panorama

Icelandic Landscape Banner

Very reminiscent of Alberta looking towards British Columbia., this Icelandic landscape is as beautiful as it is cold and unforgiving. Days on this northern are short, and I really wanted to capture some of the landscape in all it’s glory. Stopping along the side of the road near a farm house gave me a nice view of this mountain range.