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Basics: The Key Elements Of A Domain or Website

BasicsInternetSo, you have a website or domain and are hosting useful services like email, a website and possibly even cloud storage. This is all great, but the day comes when you want to make changes or an expiry happens and the “Hosting” word rears it’s ugly head. Who is hosting my servers? What do I need to have a website or keep it online? What are all the key elements of a domain or website? Look no further, I will explain this (and more).

The Future Of Email Is NOT Twitter

Twitter Fail WhaleI just stumbled on this blog post (not using StumbleUpon, mind you) where the author posits that the future of email is Twitter. Well, a longer version of Twitter not limited to 140 characters. He or She of Virtual Pants goes on to say that no one wants to remember a fill email address and that an @username is much easier to remember. Since that blog doesn’t seem to offer a place to comment, I’ll do that here, thank you very much.

Opinion: Stop Griping! Email Is The Perfect Form Of Communication

Pine-LinuxTo many, electronic mail seems to be the last thing they look forward to. In a typical day, I might see and hear so many people gripe about email that it starts getting to me too. There are “email zero” movements and people that help you manage email clutter – but what’s wrong with this picture? Email has to be one of the most perfect forms of communication we have. Proof of that is on it’s enduring longevity, but also in the many ways we use it today.

Review: Sparrow iPhone Mail Client

Sparrow-LogoEver since seeing so many gushing reviews about this iPhone mail client, I had to take a look at it myself. I was curious what all the hoopla was about, and wether this would live up to the hype. When I saw screenshots of the application, I was immediately reminded of the Gmail mail client (in terms of interface) and liked how Sparrow seemed to use the limited real estate of the iPhone. Since there is also an email client called Sparrow for the Mac desktop – this review will be limited only to the iPhone version of the application.

Blogs Of The Past: Free Microsoft Outlook Alternatives

When I wrote this article in February of 2004, the email client landscape was bare and ready for a shake-up.  Just two mere months later Google would offer the invitation-only Gmail beta that would stay in beta for more than two years. In this small sliver of time, I would attempt to take a good look at email clients in the age of servers running POP3 and IMAP for access. Also, at this time you couldn’t use POP3 for most of your free mail accounts (such as Hotmail). As always, I’ll look at my previous work through a, older, and possibly wiser lens while you marvel in watching my path of self-discovery.

Switching Email On A Blackberry To Google Apps (Gmail)

I have long used a blackberry address ( that connected to my phone directly and then forwarded email messages to the phone from the various accounts that I held. Since moving to Google Apps more than a year ago I have noticed a number of improvements to the Blackberry Internet Server (BIS) and Google Apps Servers. I have decided today I would make the switch and show you how it goes.

Free Tool: SpamBayes – [SPAM Control]

SPAM Classic, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6 )I’m always looking for new and interesting tools or utilities. Every day I come across a number of these useful programs and look forward to sharing them with you. In this series of blogs I’ll go over some of the best and most interesting I have found and tested – I welcome you to go try one of them and let me know what you think!

Today: Spambayes (Author’s Web Site)
Version:  1.1a6
Platforms: All current Windows versions only
Licence: Open Source