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Apple’s New iPad (3) Event: Details For Canada

Apple-iPad3-EventPerhaps you have been living in an alternate universe and haven’t heard about Apple’s event happening today. Though it’s no secret that an iPad is about to be unveiled – what is not know is what else will be introduced. What does Apple have in store from us next?

Join me here as I summarize all of the Apple announcements, what is changing and – perhaps more importantly – how this will affect us here in Canada.

Apple’s Big iPad 2 Event: The Details For Us Canadians

You may have heard about the Apple Event today. The rumor is, that the Pad 2 would be announced with all sorts of new features, one of them include a high resolution screen, a larger screen, a slimmer and lighter profile, support for usb and/or sdcards and possibly the addition of a light peak port. Since Apple currently own a 97% market share in tablets, the iPad 2 is going to be a big deal. Join me as I discuss what’s new today and what it takes to get one to Canada now and in the future.

Google I/O May 20, 2010 [LiveBlog]

Google IO 2010 LogoIt’s coming! Today should be the big announcement of Froyo, Google’s newest Operating System. I’ll be LiveBlogging this event today. Check here for updates as it happens. if you would like to watch the keynote yourself, check it out here.
It’s started, again I missed the start of the keynote. I should stop answering the phone.. :)

Windows 7 Released Today

Windows 7 logoIt’s here – for the first time since 2007, Microsoft will release a new Operating System. The newest version of Windows is arriving today (October 22, 2009). I’ll be giving you some of the more important details about this new version of Windows and some of the implications of your choices.